Modifying Object Dependencies


As you view dependencies for an object in the Object Dependencies task pane and determine you can make changes without effecting other objects, you can open an object in Design view directly from the Object Dependencies task pane and modify it. If you need to look at other objects, you can open more than one from the Object Dependencies task pane. If you are having problems viewing dependency information, you need to turn on the Track Name AutoCorrect Info option on the General tab of the Options dialog box on the Tools menu.

Modify Dependency Information


In the Database window, click the object in which you want to view and modify dependencies.


Click the View menu, and then click Object Dependencies.

graphics/3_icon.jpg Click the Objects That Depend On Me option or the Objects That I Depend On option.

The Object Dependencies task pane shows the list of objects that use the selected object.


Click the Expand icon (+) next to an object to view dependency information.


Click the object you want to open in Design view.


Modify the object in Design view, and then click the Close button in the Design view window.


When you're done, click the Close button on the task pane.


Did You Know?

Hidden objects don't appear unless you show them . Click the Tools menu, click Options, click the view tab, select the Hidden Objects check box, and then click OK.

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