Adding a Theme to a Page

Access has a large collection of Web page themes that provide you with a variety of page designs. With the predefined themes you can format the background, fonts, and colors used in the Web page, or you can choose to format only one of these at a time. If you prefer a particular theme for your pages, you can set it as the default and all future pages will use that theme automatically.

Add a Theme to a Page


Display the data access page in Design view.


Click the Format menu, and then click Theme.


Select the theme you want to apply to your Web page.


Click to select the theme options you want.

  • Use the theme's vivid colors.

  • Apply the theme's active graphics.

  • Use the theme's background image.


Click OK.


Did You Know?

You can choose a theme for your page with the Page Wizard . In the Page Wizard, choose to modify the page, and then click to select the Apply A Theme check box. When the page opens in Design view, you can choose the theme you want.

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