Chapter 3: Navigation Bloopers

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People encounter many problems and obstacles when trying to use the Web. The most pervasive problem is navigating: finding your way to what you are seeking. The main reason for this is inadequate cues.

According to Web design analyst Jakob Nielsen (1999), successful navigation cues let people know

  • Where they are

  • Where they've been

  • Where they can go

To those I'll add another:

  • Whether their goal is near or far

Copyright Mark Parisi.

As any Web user knows , the Web does not always let users know where they are, where they've been, where they can go, and whether their goal is near or far. As a result, people often don't find what they seek. Sometimes they even lose their way, becoming lost or disoriented.

This chapter describes the most common methods Web designers use ”unintentionally of course ”to hinder, divert, and block Web users from navigating to the content they seek. It also explains how to avoid using those methods .

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