How This Book Is Organized


How This Book Is Organized

This book is probably best used as a reference that provides ideas for and solutions to the problems that you encounter when working with data, but I have connected topics in each chapter so you can also get a more comprehensive view by reading the book sequentially. You can follow cross-references to other chapters as needed to strengthen your understanding of the given topic.


Throughout this book, names of classes, properties, variables, and other program elements are in italics. Structured Query Language (SQL) statements such as the WHERE clause are in uppercase.

Microsoft Visual Basic and C# code samples are shown together in the following format.

image from book

Visual Basic

Visual Basic version of cool code here 
image from book

image from book


C# version of cool code here 
image from book

Output, or code that is shown for reading purposes only (that is, anything you are not expected to type), is presented in a screened format, as follows.

image from book

Sample Output

Item    Cost  1    123.45  2      2.99  3     83.21  4    543.56 
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Programming Microsoft ADO. NET 2.0 Applications. Advanced Topics
Linux Application Development (2nd Edition)
ISBN: 735621411
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Year: 2004
Pages: 85
Authors: Michael K. Johnson, Erik W. Troan
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