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PackageMaker   2nd  
       creating the package  
       setting up directory  
       basic components of  
       creating and installing  
               disk images, using  
               Fink, using  
               GNU tar, using  
               PackageMaker, using  
               packaging options on Mac OS X  
       displaying all available via Fink  
       downloading list available from Fink  
       installing with Fink   [See Fink package manager]
packet filter rules  
       adding your own  
page faults
       sc_usage utility, display by  
       system calls, filesystem- related  
pager (VirtualDesktop)  
PAM   [See Linux-PAM]
parsing tools  
       authenticating user with Linux-PAM  
       changing, passwd command for  
       chkpasswd command  
       encrypted, Panther and  
       groups, setting for  
       managing with Directory Services  
               setting password with passwd command  
               user created with dscl  
       root user, MySQL  
       users logging onto Mac from Windows machine  
paste tool  
patch command  
paths for applications  
pbcopy command  
pbhelpindexer tool  
pbpaste command  
pbprojectdump tool  
pbxcp tool  
pbxhmapdump tool  
PCI configuration registers, performance analysis tool  
       converting EPS and PS files to  
       viewing and outputting with iTeXMac  
pdftex and pdflatex utilities  
pdisk command  
pdump command  
       CHUD tools for  
       G5 vs. G4 PowerPC  
       optimization (prebinding)  
       Panther tools for  
       compiling your own  
       CPAN modules, installing  
               dependency problems  
       create_nidb script  
       database support, modules for  
       Jaguar and CPAN  
       Mac::Carbon module  
       Mac::Glue module  
       perl_module, Apache server  
       standard Unix build of core distribution in Mac OS X  
perl -MCPAN -e shell command   2nd  
perl command  
Persistent Front End (PFE) precompilation  
Personal Web Sharing  
PGPLOT graph-drawing package  
php command  
PHP, support for MySQL  
physical memory utilization  
PIC (position-independent code) flags  
pico editor   2nd  
PIDs (process IDs)
       initialization, BSD init and mach_init  
       top utility information on  
PkgInfo file  
plists   [See property lists]
       directory service, supported by Directory Access  
       loadable bundles  
pointer size (32- and 64-bit systems)  
poll( )  
poll.h header file  
PORT/PORTING file (Unix source code)  
portmap daemon, launching  
portmap server, controlling startup of  
       configuring AirPort Base Station to send traffic to Mac server  
       Internet Printing Protocol  
       Macintosh CUPS server, specifying  
       non-standard, running Mac OS X services on  
       setting inet_interfaces in /etc/postfix/ to port 25  
       VNC and ssh  
position-independent code (PIC) flags  
       compliance mechanism built into system header files  
       threads library (libpthread)  
post-production, 3D graphics package  
       configuring to receive email  
       configuring to send email  
       configuring with a relay host  
       mail server, starting   2nd  
       reloading changed configuration files  
       stopping and restarting after configuration changes  
postfix-watch command   2nd  
PostgreSQL   2nd  
       downloading source distribution  
       information on building and using  
       PHP and Perl support of  
       working with  
       biendian order for bytes  
       compiler flags for  
       G3 and G4, 32- and 64-bit systems  
       G5 and G4 processor simulation tools  
       G5 architecture, tuning code for  
       machine language, online information about  
PPP connections  
Practical Extraction and Report Language   [See Perl]
prebinding   2nd  
       online documentation for  
precompilation preprocessor   [See cpp-precomp]
precompiled header files   2nd  
       documentation on building and using  
       fixPrecomps command  
       listing of  
       PFE (Persistent Front End) mechanism  
       printing information about  
Preferences   [See Sharing preferences panel System Preferences]
Preferences menu (X11)  
preprocessing   2nd   [See also cpp-precomp]
       application-specific frameworks, searching for  
       header files or any preprocessor directives  
       POSIX.4 compliance and  
Print Center  
printer drivers
       from Gimp-Print  
       HP Inkjet Project  
Printer Sharing  
printf command  
       CUPS (Common Unix Printing System)  
               hostconfig entry for  
               launching at startup  
               printing from remote systems  
       file contents to standard output  
               HP Inkjet Project (HPIJS)  
       Printer Setup Utility  
               adding IP printer  
               adding new printer  
               creating desktop icon for a printer  
               modifying printer settings  
               printer sharing  
       SLP and SMB protocols  
priority levels, ipfw rule  
private frameworks  
process IDs (PIDs)
       display by top utility  
       initialization, BSD init and mach_init  
       kernel tracing on (ktrace)  
       number running, top utility display of  
       statistics on, top utility  
       Terminal vs. xterm  
programming languages
       GCC support for  
       tools for   2nd  
Property List Editor   2nd   3rd  
property lists (plists)   2nd  
        Info . plist file  
       for startup items  
       startup parameters list, keys used in  
       XML or NeXT format  
proto. term  
proxy settings
       for built-in Ethernet on Mac OS X  
       for Mac OS X machine configured to use proxy server  
PS files
       converting to PDF  
       viewing with iTeXMac  
psql command  
pstopdf command  
public (WAN) IP Address  
public frameworks  
       simple public framework  
pwd command  
python command  

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