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o conf init command (CPAN shell)  
_ _OBJC_ _ macro  
object file tools (Mach-O)  
ObjectAlloc tool  
Objective-C/C++   [See also C/C++]
       #import preprocessor directive  
       AppKit framework for Objective-C  
       AquaTerm adapter for Objective-C  
       compilers for  
       distributing code builds with distcc  
       Hello World (example)  
       including framework header file in code  
       PerlObjCBridge module  
       PFE precompilation, support for Objective-C++  
       preprocessors for  
       Xcode support of Objective-C  
od commands  
Ogg Vorbis audio codec  
open command   2nd  
       -a option   2nd  
       -e option  
       wildcards, using with  
Open Darwin project  
Open Directory   [See also Directory Services]2nd  
       creating and populating database  
       Samba hookup to for user authentication  
Open Firmware variables , modification with nvram  
open source applications
       Server Logistics as source for  
       video players
Open URL service  
open-x11 command  
opendiff command  
       Blender application, use by  
       framework for  
       profiling tool (OpenGL Profiler)  
       editing spapd.conf datasource entry for  
       enabling server on Mac OS X  
       web site for   2nd  
OpenSSH   2nd  
       configuring server  
       Fugu graphical interface  
operating systems
       endianness of, listed  
       VNC connections between different  
       CHUD tools for  
Option-click, simulating middle-mouse button  
OroborOSX (web site)  
osascript commands  
       setting title for Terminal window  
osx2x application  
OSXvnc application  
       lauching with Share My Desktop (SMD)  
       starting on Mac OS X machine with VNC server  
otool command-line utility  
       -L option  
output   [See I/O printing]

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