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natd (Network Address Translation daemon)  
nedit text editor  
       installing via Fink  
       backing up database  
       browsing/modifying local directory  
       in Directory Services architecture  
       hostconfig file entry for  
       library for (libinfo)  
       plug-in supported by Directory Access  
       restoring/backing up database  
       starting with Mach bootstrapping services  
               list of  
NetInfo Manager   2nd  
       enabling root user  
Network Address Translation daemon (natd)  
network client connections to X11  
Network Information Service (NIS)
       flat files and  
       setting NIS Domain in hostconfig  
network interfaces, configuration of  
network location (active), changing  
network loopback interface  
network time daemon (ntpd)  
networking extensions, loading  
networking protocols
       Windows   [See SMB]
NeXT property lists  
       automount daemon, startup of  
       exporting directories with  
               options supported by Mac OS X  
       fixmount command-line tool  
       locking of files  
nice command  
nicl utility  
       users, creating with  
nidump utility  
       dumping groups directory in /etc/ group file format  
       groups, listing with  
       listing users with   2nd  
niload utility  
       adding users  
       creating a host  
       groups, creating with  
       users, creating with  
nireport utility   2nd  
       listing all group IDs (GIDs)  
       users, listing with  
       flat files and  
       setting NIS Domain in hostconfig  
niutil utility  
nohup command  
nohup vncserver command  
notes (sticky notes service)   2nd  
NSModule( ) function  
NSObjectFileImage( ) function  
NSString, creating and displaying  
NTP client, starting  
ntp-wait (Perl script)  
ntpd (network time daemon)  
ntptimeset command  
numerical libraries  
nvram utility  
       boot-args option  
       incorrect use of  

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