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Mac OS X
       architectural issues and  
       Compiler Release Notes  
       default startup items for  
       development environment, components of  
       Directory Services architecture  
       emulation of right-mouse clicks  
       macros for detection of  
       source code distributions, config.* files  
       source tree for  
       startup sequence for  
Mac OS X Hints  
Mac OS X Server  
Mac-TeX web site  
Mac::Carbon module  
Mac::Glue module  
       installing, dependencies and  
_ _MACH_ _ macro  
Mach kernel  
       bootstrap services
               launching with rc script  
               listing of  
       compiler tools  
       initialization of supporting data structures  
       Mach-O analog of -soname  
       Mach-O, shared libraries and  
       prebinding of executables  
       virtual memory regions in use, top utility statistics  
Macintosh Programmer's Workshop (MPW)  
Macintosh tools  
MacJanitor application  
MacOS/ folder  
       ANSI C predefined macros  
       for detection of Apple systems and Mac OS X  
       HAVE_MALLOC_H macro  
       Mac OS X-specific  
       replacement of predefined name in preprocessing  
       troff typesetting, rendering to other formats  
MacUpdate (web site)  
Mail application  
       burning Mail folder disk image on a CD  
       disk image of Mail folder, making  
       Equation Services, using to typeset LaTeX within  
Mail Exchange (MX) record  
mail, startup of Postfix mail server   2nd  
mailing lists (Apple-hosted, for Darwin) file (Postfix)
       configuring inet_interfaces to listen on port 25  
       configuring Postfix for use on standalone server  
       relayhost entry  
Make New Sticky Note service  
make tool   2nd   3rd  
       building X-11 based applications  
       missing header files and  
       bsdmake command  
       creating and testing shared library (example)  
       generating for X11 applications  
makekey command  
malloc.h header file  
malloc_history tool  
MallocDebug tool  
man command  
Mandrake Linux, connecting to Mac printer  
       flat file formats and  
        hosts and file (Postfix)  
math libraries
       libm   2nd  
mathematical publications   [See LaTeX]
MD5 passwords for PostgreSQL  
mDNS (Rendezvous multicast DNS client)  
       contiguous memory accesses for G5  
       endian order for bytes  
               biendian order for PowerPC  
       information about (top utility)  
       Panther tools for analyzing usage of  
       virtual memory allocation by the kernel  
       virtual memory statistics (vm_stat)  
menu bar key equivalents, X11  
MergePef tool  
metacharacters (shell), escape sequences for  
metapackages   2nd  
MH_BUNDLE file type  
MH_DYLIB file type  
microkernel operating system   [See Mach kernel]
Microsoft   [See also Windows ]
       Remote Desktop Client (RDC)  
middle mouse button, simulation with Option-click  
miscellaneous tools  
mkdir command  
mod_dav (dav_mod)  
mod_perl module  
       configuring for Mac OS X, online information about  
modeling, 3D  
       Apache server  
       kernel, utilities for  
       loadable   [See bundles]
       Perl, for database support  
Monster tool  
monthly cron jobs  
more command  
Motif window manager (mwm)   2nd  
Motorola AltiVec Velocity Engine  
mountd , removing invalid records of client mounts  
mouse buttons
       emulation of three-button mouse in X11  
       three-button mouse for Blender, emulating  
        xterm vs. Terminal windows  
MPlayer (audio/video player)  
MPlayerOSX (audio/video player)  
MPW (Macintosh Programmer's Workshop)  
       3D modeling  
       burning CDs  
               disk image of Mail application  
       image editing  
                open source players  
multiuser mode  
mv command  
MvMac tool  
mwm (Motif window manager)   2nd  
MX (Mail Exchange) record  
myhostname setting (Postfix file)  
myorigin setting (Postfix file)   2nd  
       binary package from MySQL AB  
       built-in support in PHP  
       compiling from source  
       launching at boot time  
               startup parameters as NeXT property list  
               startup parameters as XML property list  
               startup script for  
       PHP and Perl support of  
       source distribution, downloading  
       working with  

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