SecurityServer [-a   config_file   ] [-d] [-E   entropy_file   ] [-f]  [-N   bootstrap_name   ] [-t   max_threads   ] [-T   thread_timeout   ] [-X] 


Provides services to the Security framework, including authorization and secure key management.



Specifies an Authorization Services configuration file. Defaults to / etc/authorization .


Runs process in debug mode, and disables daemonization. Output is sent to standard error and to syslog .


Specifies a file to use as a source of entropy for cryptographic operations. Defaults to /var/db/SystemEntropyCache .


Forces immediate initialization of the Common Security Services Manager (CSSM), the central access point for services provided by the Common Data Security Architecture (CDSA). Normally the CSSM will be initialized when it is first needed.


Specifies a service name used to register a Mach bootstrap port. Defaults to SecurityServer ; any other setting will prevent authorization from working.


Limits the number of Mach threads started by the SecurityServer process. Defaults to 100 .


Specifies a timeout for Mach threads started by the SecurityServer process, in seconds. Defaults to 120 .


Directs SecurityServer to re-execute itself when in daemon mode, needed to work around Mach- related bugs in libraries.



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