Pair Programming

Its fascinating how much better pair programming made the program and the book. This works for a number of reasons, but the bottom line for me is pretty clear: I work better with someone to collaborate with, and the closer the collaboration, the better things seem to go. Even pairing with someone whom I havent worked with before makes the code better, and interestingly enough it makes the book better, too. Because I have talked through the design with my pair, Im a bit better prepared to detail it to you and Im far less likely to skip over important aspects.

Even bringing my pair up to datefreshening the pairs eyeshelps a lot. It makes me say out loud the things Ive been thinking. Often even I can hear how stupid something Im doing is. The bottom line that Id offer to you is to try pair programming until youre good at it, and then you can decide whether it helps you as much as it helps me. It just might.

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