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Intelligent enterprises are where knowledge management and other business intelligence solutions provide in-depth analytical capabilities needed to turn raw data into actionable knowledge for an enterprise. In an intelligent enterprise, various information systems are integrated with knowledge gathering and analyzing tools for data analysis and dynamic end-user querying from a variety of enterprise data sources. These solutions enable an enterprise to improve customer service and partner relationships and to create marketable knowledge products from a firm's own internal data. Creating intelligent enterprises will not be an easy exercise as organizations will have to overcome tremendous hurdles in bringing disparate data sources into a cohesive data warehouse or knowledge management system.

The purpose of this book is to bring together some high quality expository discussions from experts in this field to identify, define, and explore the subject matters closely related to the intelligent enterprises. It will include the methodologies, systems, and approaches needed to create and manage intelligent enterprises of the 21st century. For the first time, it will bring all these concepts, tools, and techniques into one volume so that the reader can comprehend the requirements to create an intelligent enterprise.

Intelligent Enterprises of the 21st Century
Intelligent Enterprises of the 21st Century
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