Appendix A. Getting Started with DB2

If you have not used DB2 before, this appendix is the perfect place to start. It covers DB2 fundamentals and commands that will prepare you to work with the SQL procedure examples demonstrated in this book.

The first part of this appendix is focused on DB2 LUW. DB2 commands are illustrated to show how to create and manipulate DB2 instances, databases, buffer pools, table spaces, and tables. A set of DB2 graphical tools is also available to accomplish the same tasks, and more information can be found in the Online Help for the DB2 Administration Tools manual. Focus is on the executing from the command line using a DB2 Command window on Windows or a UNIX shell.

The second part of this appendix covers the iSeries and zSeries platformsmore specifically, tips to get you started quickly on these platforms. Commonly used access methods for developing on these platforms is covered here.

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