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A process such as the Web service (httpd) or X font server (xfs) that runs in the background and executes as required.


The directory with device files, used to represent hardware and software components.

DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol)

DHCP clients lease IP addresses for a fixed period of time from a DHCP server on a local network. The BOOTP protocol allows DHCP clients to get IP address information from a remote DHCP server. The DHCP server daemon is dhcpd; the DHCP client daemon is dhclient.

Disk Druid

Anaconda's hard disk management program. While the functionality is similar to fdisk, it is easier to use. However, Disk Druid is available only during the Linux installation process.

display manager

A Linux display manager includes a dialog box for your username and password. Three major display managers are used in RHEL 3: gdm (GNOME), kdm (KDE), and xdm.


The dmesg command lists the kernel ring buffer, the initial boot messages.

DNS (Domain Name System)

This service maintains a database of domain names such as www.redhat.com and IP addresses such as If the domain name is not in the local database, DNS is normally configured to look to other, more authoritative DNS servers. The associated daemon is named.


The dumpe2fs command provides a lot of information about the format of a partition.

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RCHE Red Hat Certified Engineer Linux Study Guide[c] Exam (Rh302)
RCHE Red Hat Certified Engineer Linux Study Guide[c] Exam (Rh302)
ISBN: 71765654
Year: 2003
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