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microsoft excel 2002 visual basic for applications step by step
Microsoft Excel 2002 Visual Basic for Applications Step by Step
byReed Jacobson ISBN:0735613591
Microsoft Press 2001 (307 pages)

This title, aimed at beginner developers, is a teach-yourself guide to creating custom software solutions, automating tasks, and taking creative control of Excel Version 2002 by exploiting its built-in programming language, Microsoft VBA.

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Teach yourself how to use Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) to take command of Excel 2002. Choose your own best starting point in this self-paced guide to learn how to automate spreadsheets, write your own functions and procedures, customize menus and toolbars, and more. Easy-to-follow lessons with real-world scenarios and examples show you exactly how to maximize the built-in programming power in Excel 2002. Numerous screenshots and CD content help you master step-by-step programming procedures. Use this book to find out how to create custom solutions with Excel 2002—then refer to it as an ongoing reference to VBA functions and features.

Learn at your own pace how to:

  • Use macros to automate simple and complex tasks
  • Manipulate workbooks and worksheets
  • Explore range objects
  • Work with graphical objects
  • Build and manipulate PivotTable objects
  • Create loops and conditional statements with Visual Basic
  • Use dialog box controls on worksheets
  • Create and use custom functions and handle macro errors
  • Create custom toolbar buttons, menu commands, command buttons, event handlers, and dialog boxes

About the Author

Reed Jacobson is a consulting manager with Aspirity, a company that specializes in business Intelligence solutions with a focus on Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Analysis Services. Reed is the author of many other Microsoft Press titles, such as Microsoft Excel 2000/Visual Basic for Applications Fundamentals, Microsoft Office 2000 Expert Companion, and Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Analysis Services Step by Step.

Microsoft Excel 2002 Visual Basic for Applications Step by Step
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