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Flash and XML: A Developer's Guide
By Dov  Jacobson, Jesse  Jacobson
Publisher : Addison Wesley
Pub Date : November 20, 2001
ISBN : 0-201-72920-2
Pages : 368

"This book is an exceptional training manual to bring a web developer or flash designer with scripting skills into an entirely new world of coding."-Christopher Ian Smith, XML Developer,

"This is a ' must-read ' for any Flash developer."-John Paul Rawlins, Editor

Flash and XML shows designers and developers how to integrate these powerful technologies and create dynamic web sites. With this thoroughly readable guide you take Flash to the next level, interfacing ActionScript with XML. Empower your Flash projects with dynamic content, backend databases, server-based applications, peer-to-peer, and more.

Flash and XML is a tutorial that brings you up to speed on both technologies, offering clear and concise explanations . In addition, this book presents a number of important web technologies, including PHP, MySQL, and sockets. It shows how to work with these technologies to create n- tier , interactive systems that access the full resources of the Internet.

Sample projects (trivia game, XML browser, simple chat) showcase the capabilities of Flash and XML together and demonstrate important concepts, approaches, and techniques.

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Flash and XML[c] A Developer[ap]s Guide
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