Chapter 2: Introduction to XML


If you work in the web design or development area, youve probably heard of XML. You may have come across it when you were learning how to write web pages or when you started exploring web services. Many software programs share information using XML documents, and Office 2003 for PCs lets you work with XML documents. So what is all the hype about and why should you know about XML?

XML is rapidly becoming the standard for exchanging information between applications, people, and over the Internet. Both humans and computers can read XML documents, and as a format, XML is flexible enough to be adapted for many different purposes.

This chapter introduces you to XML. It explains some of the basic concepts, including the rules governing the structure of XML documents. Youll also learn about some of the uses for XML and the reasons why should you start to use XML in your projects. I show some examples of XML documents, and by the end of the chapter, youll have a solid understanding of XML and related concepts.

Ill expand on the concepts covered here in Chapter 3, where well look at using an XML editor and creating XML content with Office 2003. Ill also look at some related topicsdefining XML document rules with schemas and changing the appearance of XML documents with transformations.

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