Chapter 11: Keeping Your File The Right Size


The company Bryan works for has just expanded its product line and doubled the number of products it sells. Bryan has been tasked to create and distribute a product catalog which the eemployees at the branch offices can use to quickly become familiar with the new products. He has created a series of presentations, each of which describes one of the products. However, he has a problem

I have finished creating the product description presentations. They look great. The photos are wonderful, the narration and sounds with the pages are clear and understandable, and the text and animations are perfect. Unfortunately, when I add up the file sizes, the project is too big to put on the business card CDs the company planned to distribute.

When I took a look at Bryan's presentations, I found he had an even bigger problem than he thought. The presentations looked great, but three of them were over 100MB in size. Not only were they too big to distribute in a batch, the individual presentations were too big to run smoothly on some machines.

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Kathy Jacobs On PowerPoint
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