Macros That Run In Presentation Mode

After all his macros were done, Larry decided it would be useful to be able to skip to the goals slide at the click of a button. He found a number of clients didn't want to see the whole presentation, just what he could do for them.

The first thing he did was add a custom show to his presentation files containing only the goals slide. He added an invisible button to his presentations allowing him to skip ahead to the goals slide.

Creating macros to use while a presentation is running is much the same as creating one to run while in edit mode. You need to decide what to do, create and test each macro, and then use the macros.

You can assign them to buttons on a slide and run them with a mouse click or have them run when a certain event occurs.

Larry created a macro that jumped to the goals custom show, which he had named Goals Only. This way, he could jump to the goals without anyone knowing it and end the presentation after showing the goals. The code for the macro is:

 Sub JumpToGoals() ' This macro jumps to the goals custom show ' Macro created 1/20/2004 by Kathryn Jacobs ' SlideShowWindows(1).View.GotoNamedShow "Goals Only" End Sub 

Next, Larry added an invisible button to his title slide and added a mouse over action setting (Slide Show Action Setting) that called his macro. To test the macro, he started the presentation and moused over the button on the first slide.

As Larry learned more and more about VBA, he also learned how much code was already written and ready to use. Using the resources listed in Appendix A, Larry found many ways to use macros he had never thought about. He was careful to always give credit to those whose code he borrowed, whether he used it as he found it or changed it to meet his needs.

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