Chapter 18: Producer And Similar Products

Austin Myers, PPT MVP


Remember Curt? Well, that client of his wasn't satisfied with just web versions of his presentations. They liked the information so much they now want to distribute the content via webcasts, VHS tapes and DVD-based solutions.

I really don't know what to do. I have told them I have no video or webcast experience, but they still want me to translate the materials to the other formats.

I thought about just videotaping the presentation off the screen, but that didn't work. Can you explain what I should be doing?

Let's be honest: Translating PowerPoint presentations to other media is not really a trivial task, nor one I do often. Instead of risking sending all of you off into the weeds, I recruited the expert on PowerPoint and multimedia, Austin Myers, author of the tutorial on PowerPoint and Multimedia and several other great pieces, to help explain how to transfer the presentation via various formats.

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