Chapter 4. Deploying Builds

This chapter starts coverage of one of the things Ant does best: deployment. This chapter covers tasks to package applications for deployment like tar, gzip, and zip; tasks to prepare directories for deployment like delete and mkdir; and tasks to deploy applications like copy and move for local and network deployment, as well as ftp, telent, sshexec, and mail for remote deployment. You'll see other deployment-related tasks, such as touch to set the deployed files' modification dates to a specific value (as is done for commercial software deployments), fixcrlf to fix text file line endings (as in readme, .sh, .bat, .html, or .ini files) for different platforms, and more. Finally, you'll learn how to handle build automation, setting up builds to run on their own, at a schedule of your choosing.

There's more on deployment coming up in this book. Ant has a lot of support for deploying web applications, so much so that it'll take more than just this chapter to cover. Chapter 8 covers how to package and deploy web applications, including using get (used to send administrative commands to web servers remotely), serverdeploy, war, and other Ant tasks designed to load web applications to various servers. Chapter 8 and part of Chapter 9 also specifically discuss how to deploy to Enterprise JavaBean© (EJB) application servers.

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