System Help

The system provides many layers of help, in the form of help entry panels, help text, and a utility called the search index. Usually, you can press the Help key to display additional information.

The Support Menu

When viewing a menu, you can use F13 as a quick way to access the SUPPORT menu. You also can go there directly using the GO command. Figure 9.9 shows the SUPPORT menu.

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Figure 9.9: Support and Education menu.

The purpose of the SUPPORT menu is to provide information and general-purpose help. For example, if you choose option 1 (Figure 9.10), you access a series of panels that explain how to use the system help facility.

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Figure 9.10: How to Use Help menu.

The Search Index

The search index (Figure 9.11) support lets you find information by typing only a few words and pressing the Enter key. You can start the search index either by selecting option 2 from the SUPPORT menu or by executing the Start Search Index (STRSCHIDX) command. Figure 9.12 shows a panel similar to the one you will see.

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Figure 9.11: Using the Search Index menu.

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Figure 9.12: Using the Search Index in Infoseeker.

Now, suppose you want to learn about document folders. You don't know what they are, or how they are controlled. Type "folders" and press Enter, as shown in Figure 9.12.

You can select any of the entries listed (all of which are related to system values in some way). To display one of them, enter an option 5 next to it and press Enter. To print the information, use option 6 instead.

Some topics are so extensive that you might find so many entries that they will not fit on a single screen. In that case, the system displays the "More" indicator and lets you use the Roll keys to page forward or backward.

Other options you can select include 7 to expand a topic (flagged with a + sign, such as "Administering OfficeVision/400" on the eighth line in Figure 9.13) and 8 to collapse an expanded topic. The indentation of the titles reveals the hierarchy of the topics.

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Figure 9.13: Detailed help in Infoseeker.

If you enter option 5 on the eighth line ("Administering OfficeVision/400") and press Enter, you will see the panel in Figure 9.14.

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Figure 9.14: Detailed help in Infoseeker.

The system displays information about how to perform administration functions in OfficeVision/400. The text presented provides a detailed description of how to work with and administer OfficeVision/400. Because the information is longer than would fit on a single screen, the system has placed the "More" indicator at the bottom of the screen. Use the Roll keys to see the remaining pages of information.

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