11.1 Specialty formatting objects

bidi-override overrides the inherent behavior of characters as defined by Unicode.

  • Most uses of characters require no special handing.

    • Most Unicode characters have an intrinsic writing direction property utilized by the formatter.

      • Some characters have a weak or neutral writing direction.

    • The processor is supposed to respect the writing direction of all characters so that the stylesheet writer does not have to accommodate any combination of characters used by the author of the source XML document.

  • Special formatting may require a behavior different from what is intrinsically defined, e.g.:

    • to protect left-to-right presentation from being influenced by the presence of right-to-left characters,

    • to display right-to-left characters in a left-to-right fashion.

character objects:

  • govern the presentation of glyphs associated with coded characters,

  • are implicitly created by the presence of text nodes ( #PCDATA ) in the XSL-FO instance,

  • are explicitly created using an element in the XSL-FO vocabulary, which:

    • prevents the need to represent the character as a coded character,

    • provides for specifying properties on a single character in the flow.

color -profile provides alternative color specifications that may be required for rendering.

  • Formalized color definitions provide alternatives to the built-in color granularity.

  • The stylesheet writer is obliged to always provide an RGB fallback color to accommodate formatters that do not support the requested color profile.

declarations provides a home in an XSL-FO instance for constructs out of the pagination.

  • A home location is required in the XSL-FO instance for referenced constructs that do not exist in any flow or repeatable construct.

  • This object is used for XSL-FO vocabulary purposes, e.g.:

    • color-profile ;

  • it is also used for extension and other vocabulary purposes.

Definitive XSL-FO
Definitive XSL-FO
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