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We could not have written this book on our own. Many people have helped further our understanding of computer security throughout the years. We would like to thank the community of colleagues and users at Special thanks also go to all the students who have taken our rootkit class, "Offensive Aspects of Rootkit Technology." We learn something new every time we teach it.

The following people provided helpful reviews of early drafts of this book: Tony Bautts, Richard Bejtlich, Harlan Carvey, Graham Clark, Greg Cummings, Jeremy Epstein, Jennifer Kolde, Marcus Leech, Gary McGraw, and Sherri Sparks. Special thanks to Audrey Doyle, who helped tremendously with developing the book under an extreme time schedule.

Finally, we owe our gratitude to our editor, Karen Gettman, and her assistant, Ebony Haight, at Addison-Wesley. Thank you for being flexible with our crazy schedules and distances of two time zones and 3000+ miles. You were largely successful keeping our attention on the book. Both of you provided everything we needed to be successful writing the book.

Greg and Jamie

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    Rootkits: Subverting the Windows Kernel
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