What Time Is It?


http://entries.the5k.org/365/t.htm An unusual digital clock. This makes a nice display for a pseudo-screensaver.

Today Date and Time

http://www.ecben.net/calendar.shtml Today's date and time, including moon phase and some other interesting information.

Industrious 2001

http://www.lares.dti.ne.jp/~yugo/storage/monocrafts_ver3/03/index.html A really unusual form of "digital" clock. I always wonder about the eventual stack of eraser crumbs that'd build up, but that's just me.

The Death Clock

http://www.deathclock.com How long will you live? Log on here and find out.

    Firefox and Thunderbird Garage (Garage Series)
    Firefox and Thunderbird Garage
    ISBN: 0131870041
    EAN: 2147483647
    Year: 2003
    Pages: 185

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