Websites, Discussion Groups, and User Groups


Websites, Discussion Groups, and User Groups

If you can't get an answer at one of these sites, there isn't an answer!

The Creative Cow

This site contains a Final Cut Pro discussion group, as well as articles on editing and other software and hardware. It also has wonderful discussion groups for CineWave, AJA, Aurora, and more. The forum leaders in all the discussion groups are quite knowledgeable. This site is frequented by professionals. Just reading the posts is an education, but don't be afraid to post if you can't find the answer to your question. Searching the posts using the site's search feature works wonders. Philip Hodgetts, one of this book's technical editors, and I are forum leaders at The Creative Cow, as well as a group of the most knowledgeable folks on the Internet. Go there first for an answer to any question. Almost always, if your question isn't answered here, there isn't an answer in any forum anywhere .


Free telephone help is available from Apple for 90 days after you've purchased your software and for at least a year for your hardware. Buying Apple Care from Apple is probably a good investment. The support site contains links to hardware and the vaunted Knowledge Base, which is a list of articles about all things Apple. Searching this base might bring you answers if you can't find them elsewhere.

Apple's support site contains hardware and software troubleshooting tips. You can access the discussion groups as well. The Final Cut Pro discussion group is a great resource. You can also access downloads of upgrades for all your Apple software. You'll want to get to know this site well. OS help, hardware, software, and even discussion groups on third-party software are available here.

A Feedback Form appears at the top of the Final Cut Pro forum in the Discussions at Apple. From there you can send feedback of hits and misses to the Final Cut Pro Team directly. They do read these, and they appreciate your sending them. This is one way bugs are found and fixed, so help the team help you!


An online resource for Final Cut Pro and famous for its forums. There is a dedicated teachers forum there.

The DV Guys

Not every site has a weekly Internet radio show, but this one does! You can call in at the start of the show and get your questions answered, chat live, or just listen and absorb . The last 12 weeks of shows are archived on this site. Ron Margolis and Philip Hodgetts are the DV guys. They are a wealth of news, commentary , and general information about Final Cut Pro and more. They share tricks and tips. It's lots of fun.

Ken Stone's Site

Ken Stone writes and posts a large number of articles related to Final Cut Pro. This site has a discussion group as well.

The Los Angeles Final Cut Pro Users Group

This is the largest Final Cut Pro users group in the world. It has a discussion group and a large number of articles, tips, and tricks. It's a great site, indeed. Mike Horton, who founded the LAFCPUG, is one of the Creative Cow leaders in the Final Cut Pro forum as well.

The San Francisco Final Cut Pro Users Group

This is a users group with tips, tricks, and a great links page.

The Boston Final Cut Pro Users Group

The Boston group holds monthly meetings and has a dedicated discussion group at the Creative Cow site.

The Denver Final Cut Pro Users Group

This group meets monthly. It was founded by Justin Allen, Jerry Hofmann (the author of this book), and Brian Ercek.

International FCP Users Network

This site lists most of the user groups internationally. If you start one, let this group know so that they can list you too.

User Groups List at Apple

Apple's site has a list of user groups, including international ones.

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