Appendix E. Other Resources


Many resources are available to you on the Internet. I find these to be very up-to-date, with the latest issues you might be experiencing or new techniques you want to learn. If you don't have an Internet connection, you'll want to get one just to visit these terrific sites! Never before has there been a better community of online resources connected with any software. It's truly amazing how much information you can find if you just know where to look. The sense of community surrounding Final Cut Pro is truly remarkable .

Sometimes editing is a solitary and lonely profession, so it's always great to interact with others using Final Cut Pro. It's a rare thing indeed to find anything free today, but the Internet has a wealth of free help, free demos, and free reading and learning tools. Here is a list of what I've found. Frequent these places and learn, talk, interact, and help others.

Jerry Hofmann on Final Cut Pro 4
Jerry Hofmann on Final Cut Pro 4
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