Omissions: What This Book Doesn t Cover

Omissions: What This Book Doesn't Cover

The Phrasebook aims to be compact, rather than comprehensive. As such, a few topics have been omitted:

  • Installation or configuration of MySQL This book assumes that your MySQL installation is already up and running.

  • MaxDB or MySQL Cluster Although much of the content in MySQL Phrasebook applies to these database engines, this book does not specifically describe their implementation or use.

  • Detailed coverage of features and functions This book is not a complete reference for MySQL and only provides the most essential information on major features and functions.

  • Advanced topics Advanced topics, such as debugging server crashes, tuning replication, and so on, are not discussed.

MySQL Phrasebook. Essential Code and Commands
MySQL Phrasebook
ISBN: 0672328399
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2003
Pages: 130

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