If MySQL is a foreign land, MySQL Phrasebook is a concise guide to successfully navigating its broad streets, hectic bazaars, and dark alleys. Whether you're a tourist, a regular visitor, or even a local day-tripping to an unknown locale, this Phrasebook will help you find your way.

MySQL Phrasebook is not a definitive guide to all aspects of MySQL. Instead, it provides examples of how to accomplish some of the most common tasks in MySQL. This core of practical knowledge is supported with

  • Tips for enhancing daily use

  • Examples of the concepts being discussed

  • Terse references to essential MySQL tools and syntax

  • References to more details and resources on MySQL

MySQL Phrasebook. Essential Code and Commands
MySQL Phrasebook
ISBN: 0672328399
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2003
Pages: 130

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