Chapter 41. Remoting

In This Chapter

  • Overview of Remoting

  • Working with Remoting Channels

  • Working with Lifetime Leases

  • Remoting with Generics

Remoting is one of the core parts of the .NET Framework that enables code from one AppDomain to communicate with code in another AppDomain, enabling the creation of RPC-style distributed applications. This chapter provides you with an introduction to remoting and then gets right into configuring and coding with remoting. You will learn about the new Inter-Process Communication (IPC) channel as well as how to use object lifetime leases and even how the generics feature is completely supported within the remoting infrastructure.

This chapter is by no means a complete reference on remoting. It provides you with enough information to get started using remoting and following some best practices. If you want more information on remoting, one of the best sources of detail surrounding .NET remoting is Advanced .NET Remoting, Second Edition by Ingo Rammer and Mario Szpuszta, ISBN 1590594177 (Apress).

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