Chapter 13: Creating Your Own Web Services Implementation

Making the HTTP Request

The first step of creating a Web Service implementation is having a library or piece of code that can make a request to a URL out on the Internet. This involves following the HTTP standard that the W3C supports. The best bet with this piece is to find a pre-existing piece of code or a library that can make this call for you.

Almost all languages, such as Java or C#, have the ability to call a URL. A language that doesn’t handle this is C++, but you can purchase a library to make such a call. If you have to create the code to make a HTTP request, this process is going to take a great deal of time. Figure 13.1 demonstrates that making the HTTP request is just the first step in creating a request to a Web Service.

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Figure 13.1: Making the HTTP request is the first step in creating a Web Service implementation.

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