Chapter List

Chapter 9: Java and .NET Web Service Integration
Chapter 10: Web Service Security
Chapter 11: Practical Application of Web Services
Chapter 12: Using Web Services as a Middle Tier
Chapter 13: Creating Your Own Web Services Implementation

Part Overview

Now that you understand the basics and have seen some Web Service implementations, its time to examine some of the more practical problems involved with Web Services.

Most large corporations operate in a mixed environment where both Windows machines and some flavor or UNIX coexist with one another. One of the more difficult problems is getting these two platforms to communicate without having to write your own software. Web Services can act as a bridge between these technologies.

Section III examines how to get different Web Service implementations to communicate, discusses how to secure these transactions, studies a more complex example of disparate systems communicating, and examines what it would take for you to create your own Web Service implementation.

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