ActionScript. See also 3D scaling with atmospheric perspective via ActionScript (tutorial); 3D slice engine (tutorial); 3D transformations; isometric layout with ActionScript (tutorial); marbles (tutorial)
Moose ActionScript Library 59
ActionScript for Flash MX: The Definitive Guide (book) 99
Adams, Jim 71
Adobe Illustrator 44
animation. See also 3D rotation around another object (tutorial); 3D scaling text with atmospheric perspective (tutorial); basic 3D rotation using scaling (tutorial); Mars Patrol (tutorial); Wyvern's Claw (tutorial)
animated shadows 36
parallax scrolling 121122
anti-aliasing 67
approaching UFO (tutorial) 105109
adding background 108
adding keyframes 107, 109
blurred to focused transition 108109
creating motion tween 108109
focus2.fla 105, 108
focus2_poor_opacity.swf 105
offsetting UFO from center of stage 107
reducing opacity of UFO 106
ufo_blur movie clip 106, 107
Arrow Tool 26, 48, 68
axonometric projection 65. See also isometric projection

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