Introduction to Flash 3D

A couple of years ago we started trying to include three-dimensional (3D) effects in our Flash designs. Back then there were very few resources available to help us out, so the design process was all about applying a diverse range of techniques and tricks to produce believable 3D. These days, the story is similar ”but now there are even more designers who are specifically using Flash to generate amazing pseudo-3D graphics.

That's where Flash 3D Cheats Most Wanted comes in. For this book, we've done extensive research, scouring the Flash and 3D communities to find out exactly what it is that people are craving to build with Flash 3D. We've taken these topics and crafted chapters designed to give you what you want. From the most basic tips and tricks relating to shading, scaling, and perspective, through isometric design and parallax scrolling effects, as far as using advanced scripted 3D engines ”this book will show you how to fake it in the best possible way!

What is 3D?

3D is actually pretty simple: basically, there are three axes , or planes. The diagram below illustrates this.

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Typically, the x-axis is the horizontal plane, the y-axis is the vertical plane, and the z-axis is the depth plane. If you want to move something up and down, or scale an object so that it's taller, you use the y-axis. If you want to move something left or right, or make something wider, this relates to the x-axis. Moving something forward or back, or giving it more depth is associated with the z-axis. That's a little of the general explanation of 3D out the way ”now let's turn our attention to Flash 3D.

Flash 3D Cheats Most Wanted
Flash 3D Cheats Most Wanted
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