Organizing Mail Secrets for Power Users

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Here are a few ideas from the experts:

  • Thunderbird enables you to have multiple sets of folders. Each email account can have its own inbox, and sets of folders or accounts can share folders.

  • You can label a message in Thunderbird to indicate which type of message it is, including personal, work-related, important, or a task you want to do at a later time.

  • By filtering messages, you can automatically process messages, file them into folders, and perform other actions on your incoming email.

  • With message sorting and grouping, you can order your messages and group them into logical groupings.

  • Thunderbird has a powerful and flexible search feature. This search lets you quickly find information in emails.

  • With Thunderbird's search folders, you have a way to save a search and reuse it at a later time. Search folders are dynamically updated as new email arrives.

  • You can delete a message's attachment leaving the message body intact. This keeps your mail box size in check, while allowing you to keep a historical copy of the message.

  • Your Thunderbird address books enable you to organize your addresses and other useful information such as telephone numbers and even some custom information.

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