How AutoCorrect Works

AutoCorrect examines each character as you type. When you type a character that typically means you ve finished typing a word, AutoCorrect compares the last group of characters against its list of entries. If the group of characters matches an entry, AutoCorrect substitutes the replacement text for the word. If the group of characters doesn t match an entry, AutoCorrect checks that group of characters and the previous group of characters together to see if they match an entry. If they do, AutoCorrect substitutes the replacement text. If not, AutoCorrect checks those two groups with the group before them ”and so on until it has checked all the complete groups in the preceding 31 characters , at which point it gives up.

AutoCorrect entries can be up to 31 characters long and can contain spaces and punctuation. The replacement text for an entry can be up to 255 characters long ”plenty to enable you to enter a short paragraph or two. (If you try to use more than 255 characters, AutoCorrect warns you that it ll need to shorten the replacement text.)

No AutoCorrect entry s name should be a real word in any language you use, because otherwise AutoCorrect will replace that word each time you try to use it. The exception is if you want to prevent yourself from using a particular word. For example, if the word purchase sends your boss into a rage, you can define AutoCorrect entries to change words based on purchase (purchase, purchases, purchased, purchasing, and so on) to their counterparts based on buy. AutoCorrect will then censor your writing automatically.

AutoCorrect considers various characters to mean you ve finished typing a word. These characters include spaces, punctuation, tabs, carriage returns, line feeds ( [Shift]-[Enter] ), and page breaks ( [Ctrl] - [Enter] ). Various symbols (such as % and #) also trigger AutoCorrect checks.

Windows XP and Office 2003 Keyboard Shortcuts
Windows XP and Office 2003 Keyboard Shortcuts
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