In this chapter, we have presented you with all the background information you need to get up and running with Spring. We showed you how to obtain both the Spring release distribution and the current development version directly from CVS. We described how Spring is packaged and the dependencies you need for each of Spring's features. Using this information, you can make informed decisions about which of the Spring JAR files your application needs and which dependencies you need to distribute with your application. Spring's documentation, sample applications, and test suite provide Spring users with an ideal base from which to start their Spring development, so we took some time to investigate what is available in the Spring distribution. Finally, we presented an example of how, using Spring DI, it is possible to make the traditional Hello World a loosely coupled, extendable message rendering application.

The important thing to realize is that we only scratched the surface of Spring DI in this chapter, and we barely made a dent in Spring as a whole. In the next chapter, we take an in- depth look at the sample application that we will be building, paying particular attention to how we can use Spring to solve common design issues and how we have made our application simpler and more manageable using Spring.

Pro Spring
Pro Spring
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