Section 9.1. Hacks 83-87

9.1. Hacks 83-87

When it comes to hacking XP, no other tool comes close to the Registry. It contains the underlying organization of the entire operating system, and its often-incomprehensible settings hold the key to countless hacks. In simpler days, one could hack Windows without bothering with the Registry; a solid knowledge of things like .ini files would suffice. But no longer. If you want to get hacking, the Registry holds the keyliterally, since it's organized by way of keys.

Even if you've edited the Registry before, you'll find a lot in this chapter to help. It not only teaches the mechanics of using the Registry, but also explains its underlying organization. You'll find ways to keep your Registry safe, learn how to back it up, and find downloadable tools to make the most of the Registry. As a bonus, this chapter includes a grab bag of other great hacks.

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