Running a Presentation in Kiosk Mode

The presentation is just about completed. You need to make just a few modifications to control the presentation playback experience. Kiosk-style presentations are meant to be run from a computer without supervision. They are often deployed in museums and retail environments.


Open the Document Inspector and click the Document button.


Select "Restart show if idle" and set the time to 5 m (minutes).


If you want, select "Require password to exit show."


If you choose this option, you must know your username and password to exit. If you do not, you'll have to power down the computer and reboot.


Choose Keynote > Preferences and click the General button. In the Saving area of the dialog, ensure that both the "Copy audio and movies into document" and "Copy theme images into document" check boxes are selected.

This option stores all of the required resources (other than fonts) in the project file so it will work on another computer.


Close the Preferences window.


Choose File > Save to save your presentation.


Click the Play button to view your presentation. When you are done exploring, press the Esc key (if you have chosen to require a password, you must enter the username and password for the computer you are on).

Your presentation is complete and ready for playback on any system running Keynote.

You can compare your completed project to 05 Arizona Wildlife Final.key in the Lesson 05 folder.

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