Exporting to CD-ROM

Ideally, you would play back the interactive presentation using Keynote. Remember, you can install the 30-day trial copy of Keynote on any qualifying Mac and it will continue to function as a player that allows you to view files even after the 30-day period is up.

You can export your presentation to a CD-ROMuseful if you need it to run on a Windows computer (with QuickTime installed) or on a Mac without iWork installed.


Select slide 1 and open the Slide Inspector and remove the delay from the transition.

Leaving the delay in will add a large amount of black after the movie. While you need this timing for kiosk mode, it interferes when exporting a QuickTime movie.


Choose File > Export. Then select QuickTime and set the options to match the following figure:


Click Next and then name the file and set a destination such as your desktop. Click Export.

Depending on the speed of your computer, it may take several minutes to export the file.


When the export is finished, open the QuickTime movie to test it.

All of the Navigation controls and transitions should work fine. Image quality won't be as good as in Keynote, but it should still be pretty clean.


Burn the QuickTime movie to a CD-ROM for playback on another machine.

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