Masking Photos with Shapes

You can use shapes to create containers for your image. You can use this technique to crop a photo to a non-square shape, opening up new design possibilities for your slides. Here, you'll place images within a circle.


Working in the same presentation as in the preceding exercise, select slide 22 in the slide organizer.


In the toolbar, click the Shapes button and select a circle to add to your presentation.


Set an equal height and width of 350 px for the circle and place the shape in the lower-right corner of the slide.


Open the Graphics Inspector and add a drop shadow to the circle.

The default values are fine for the shadow.


With the circle selected, choose Edit > Copy.


Switch to the next slide and choose Edit > Paste. Repeat the paste operation on slide 24.


Switch back to slide 22 by clicking its thumbnail in the slide organizer.


Choose Insert > Choose to add a photo to the slide. Navigate to the Lesson 05 folder, open the Graphics folder and then Climate folder, and choose Climate 1.JPG; then click Choose.

The photo is added to the slide.


Hold down the Shift key and click the blue circle to add it to the selection.


Choose Format > Mask with Shape to use the circle as a mask.

The mask is applied, but the image needs to be repositioned.


Drag the image down and to the right to reposition it within the circle. Double-click the image to apply the mask.

The shadow is no longer present since the shape was used as a mask, so it must be added again.


In the Graphic Inspector, select Shadow to enable it. Then choose a solid line from the Stroke pop-up menu and set the thickness field to 4 px to apply a stroke to the masked photo to make the photo stand out more.


Switch to the next slide and add and format Climate 2.JPG using the same techniques as you just used. Then do the same for Climate 3.JPG.


On slide 24, click to place the insertion point before the words (summer and winter). Then press Option-Return to wrap the text to a new line without creating a new bullet.


Choose File > Save to save your work in progress.

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