Embedding a Web Page

Sometimes in a presentation, you will want a snapshot of a Web page. This can be used as a link to a Web page, or just as slide content that can be updated automatically when connected to the Internet. For the purpose of this presentation, which will run in a self-guided mode called kiosk view, you want the Web view as content only and not as a link.


Select slide 25 in the slide organizer.


Choose Insert > Web View and in the Hyperlink Inspector select the Enable as a hyperlink check box.


Enter the following Web address in the URL field: http://www.wrh.noaa.gov/twc/.

This is a link to a page with current weather information for the Sonoran Desert area in Arizona.

The Web view is added to the page but needs to be resized.


Drag the bottom edge of the Web view toward the bottom of the slide.

We now need to offset the Web view for readability. A drop shadow can help.


Enable the drop shadow in the Graphics Inspector and set the offset and blur values to 10 px.


Choose File > Save to save your work in progress.

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