Embedding and Formatting QuickTime Movies

Full-motion video is a popular feature in interactive presentations. However, you must process the video file to optimize its appearance in Keynote. To modify the QuickTime file, you must have QuickTime Pro installed. If you own any of the Apple professional video applications, QuickTime Pro is unlocked; otherwise, you can purchase QuickTime Pro from Apple's Web site for a small charge.


If you want extra practice editing in iMovie, you can open the file Desert_Start.iMovieProject in the iMovie Project folder. This iMovie project contains several shots of the Arizona desert. Additionally, you can examine or modify the audio score by opening the file Desert.band in the Music folder.


Open QuickTime Player by clicking its icon in the Dock.


Choose File > Open, navigate to the Lesson 05 folder, choose iMovie Project > Desert_Start.iMovieProject > Shared Movies > iDvd > desert.mov, and click OK.


Click the Play button at the bottom of the screen and watch the movie.


Press Command-J to open the movie properties for the file.


Click to select the Video Track and then click the Visual Settings button.


For Scaled Size, specify 1024 x 768 so the video fills the slide, and select the High Quality check box for maximum playback quality.


Save and then close the movie file. Quit QuickTime Player.


In Keynote, select slide 1 in the slide organizer.


Choose Insert > Choose, navigate to the Lesson 05 folder, select the file Desert.mov, and click Choose.

The movie file is large enough to fill the entire slide.


Open the Slide Inspector and click Transition. Choose the following options for the slide transition:

  • Effect: 2D Effects: Fade Through Color

  • Duration: 2.00 s

  • Start Transition: Automatically

  • Delay: 47.0 s (the movie is 47 seconds long, so the transition will occur when the movie finishes playing).


Choose File > Save to save your work in progress.

The introductory video is added to slide 1 and embedded in the Keynote file. You can now add navigation controls to the slides.

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