Much like a successful proposal or presentation, this book was a team project from day one.

A big thanks to Sara Evans and the RHED Pixel team for helping to get this book done. The great projects in this book come from decades of production and design experience.

To the entire production team at Peachpit, thanks for working so hard and being flexible. You create beautiful books, and I hope that this one helps motivate and inspire its audience.

To Patty Montesion and the Apple Education team, thanks for thinking of us for this project. Thanks as well to the iWork team for answering my questions, listening to ideas, and creating such a great suite of programs.

To all of the talented artists, photographers, business owners, and musicians, thanks for helping us make these projects "real-world." Your gifts of images and content have made a big difference.

To our clients, you challenge us to do better, and that led for a search for new tools and techniques. Many of those served as the basis for this book.

To the families of those who worked on this book, thanks for your understanding.

Apple Training Series. iWork '06 with iLife '06
Apple Training Series: iWork 06 with iLife 06
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