Preparing a Layered Photoshop File for Import into Keynote or Pages

Photoshop files can consist of layers, with each layer containing different elements. Most applications read Photoshop files as flat graphicsthat is, they use a composite image but if you take a few extra steps in Photoshop, you can prepare a layered document for import into Pages or Keynote.


Launch Photoshop if it is not already running.


Choose File > Open, navigate to the PSD Layers folder in the Lesson 11 folder, and open the file Speaker Background.psd.


Choose File > Scripts > Export Layers to Files.


Choose a destination for the export. The source location is picked by default (but you can change this by clicking the Browse button).


For the file name prefix, specify a name that is useful to help you organize the files (or leave the prefix field blank).


For the file type to export, choose PSD; then click Run.

You can now import each layer separately into Keynote or Pages. You can change the layer stacking order, rescale each layer, or, in Keynote, animate each layer individually.

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