Exporting a Chart Animation for Final Cut Pro

Many video editors find working with slides tedious. If you are putting together a video from a meeting or event, you may need to use slides. Fortunately, Keynote makes this task easy.


If you need to work with a PowerPoint file, be sure to revisit Lesson 4.


Open the file 11Financial Sample.key from the Lesson 11 folder.

This presentation contains a single chart that has been animated.


Open the Document Inspector and change the slide size to Custom Slide Size and enter the following values depending on your videotape editing format:

  • For NTSC DV: 720 x 534

  • For NTSC D1: 720 x 540

  • For PAL: 768 x 576


Click OK.

The slide is resized to a video-ready size. You now need to make sure that no elements are too close to the edge of the slide. When designing graphics for video, you should leave the outermost 20 percent as pad. The area inside these borders is called the Title Safe area.


Choose View > Show Rulers. Then drag alignment guides from each ruler to the 40 percent mark for the left, right, bottom, and top edges. Keynote measures from the center, so you are marking the space between 40 and 50 percent in each direction, leaving the innermost 80 percent as your title safe area.


Adjust the size and position of elements so they lie inside the yellow lines.


You may want to increase the thickness of the lines in the chart so they do not shimmer on a television set. Thin lines can shimmer due to the interlacing of video on a television. You can increase the thickness of the lines by clicking a line and then modifying it in the Graphics Inspector.


Choose File > Export and click QuickTime.


For Playback Control, choose Self Playing Movie; then enter a build duration that meets your needs.


From the Formats menu, choose Custom; then in the Video area click the Settings button to customize the file that will be written.

The Standard Video Compression Settings box opens. You'll need to specify the format to match the video you're editing. For example, if you're editing NTSC DV, you would enter settings to match the following figure.

For other video formats, adjust the Compression Type and Frame Rate to match.


You can even use the new HD templates in Keynote 3 to create charts for use in HD video projects.


Click OK to apply the settings; then click Next.


Specify a name and destination for the file and click Export.

The file is written to disk and ready for import into Final Cut Pro or Final Cut Express HD.

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