Believe It

One of the reasons why you may be unable to see your vision come to pass is because youre not committed to it. Just like in a marriage in which a husband and wife pledge themselves to one another for life, you must make a similar dedication to what you want to see come to pass for yourself. Unfortunately, you may be so focused on your big dreams and goals that you fail to recognize that commitment starts with the small things. Before youll be able to see success on a large scale, its important to begin with the things you do every daythe habits you form now will determine your success later.

Recognizing the need to stay committed to something is the first step you need to take. For example, one of my goals awhile back was to see greater results in my spiritual life. When I recognized the need for more meaning in this area, I decided to do what it took to see that goal achieved. I became dedicated to improving that part of my life, and I stayed committed to my decision. I set my clock for the same time every morning and got up to pray for 15 minutes every day. I disciplined myself so consistently that getting up early to pray became a habit. Now I automatically get up at 4:30 every morning to do so. And because I stayed committed to my decision, I achieved my desired outcome.

The principle of commitment can apply to any area of your life that youd like to change. From developing an exercise program, changing your eating habits, and getting to work on time, to improving your interpersonal relationships, it takes an unflinching devotion to your goal, regardless of how you feel. This is what will propel you to the results youre looking for.

Attitude Is Everything for Success
Attitude Is Everything for Success
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