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Dont dwell on failuresinstead, learn what you can from them and continue to move toward your goal. For every win and loss, theres a lesson to be learned. Usually setbacks will reveal something about yourself that you didnt even know, such as a poor attitude or impatience. After all, without lifes ups and downs , youd never discover your own strengths.

Do you feel as if youve had too many setbacks? If so, examine them. Life always serves you a lessonif you dont learn it, youll get served that same lesson again and again. So learn from your setback! Write down three things that youve accomplished or three things that have had significant meaning in your life, and think about what you did to achieve them. How did you overcome the delays and disappointment along the way? If you had nothing holding you back from your goal, achieving it wouldnt have had any merit. The setbacks made you strongerso welcome them, learn from them, and get over them. And remember that a setback is nothing but a setup for something better.

Attitude Is Everything for Success
Attitude Is Everything for Success
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