Believe It

Setbacks are only turning points waiting to be converted into learning points. Ive definitely had experience with lifes stumbling blocks, and in my early days at IBM, I experienced an especially disheartening one. I watched someone on my sales team make the 100% Club (a prestigious honor at the company), while I was overlooked for no apparent reason. Both of us received training together and worked as a team with the same customers, so I simply couldnt understand why Id been passed over. Yet instead of dwelling on the situation, I looked at what I could learn from it and then decided to put myself in charge of my destiny. With the help of my new manager, Craig Karis, the following year I made it into the 100% Club. That experience taught me that when life knocks you down, it doesnt knock you out unless you let it. I also learned not to trust other people for my promotionadvancement comes from God and, in due season , it will come to pass.

You may have experienced similar disappointments. Just know that the key to coming out on top of such situations is to recognize that setbacks are just a part of life. Things arent always going to go according to your plan and timing, but have faith that if you do your part, in Gods time youre going to experience the success that you expect and believe will come.

Attitude Is Everything for Success
Attitude Is Everything for Success
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