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GAPIS program (Google searches from your desktop)  
gateways, residential   [See residential gateways]
Genie-Soft, for backups of Outlook/Outlook Express  
ghosted hardware devices  
       displaying with Device Manager  
Gibson Research Corporation  
       web page listing known spyware  
Glass2K program  
Globally Unique Identifiers (GUIDs)  
       for system folders  
       for Windows Media Player  
       image search  
       searches directly from your desktop (not your browser)  
Google Toolbar  
       searching current site instead of entire Web  
        targeted searches of a particular site  
Googlebar (third-party toolbar)  
gpedit.msc command  
graphical user interfaces (GUIs)   [See user interfaces]
graphics   [See also images]
       converting to startup screen  
       cursor, importing with AX-Cursors  
       Google image search  
       image conversion  
               IrfanView program  
       screenshots   [See screenshots]
Group Policy Editor  
       customizing IE with  
               connection settings  
               IE settings you can modify  
               IE user interface  
               programs setting  
               security settings  
       Start Menu and Taskbar, customizing  
Group Policy Editor, customizing IE with
groups (folders for ClipCache clips)  
guest computer  
GUIDs   [See Globally Unique Identifiers]
GUIs (graphical user interfaces)   [See user interfaces]

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