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hard disk defragmentation   [See disk defragmentation]
       hidden, discovering with Device Manager  
                ghosted or nonpresent devices  
               hidden devices, forcing display of  
                occasional showing of ghosted devices  
       network, rated speed vs. actual performance  
       networking with direct cable connection  
               cables and connectors  
               Ethernet cable  
               serial or parallel cable  
       Registry information about  
       remapping the keyboard  
       screen resolution, improving  
       troubleshooting with Device Manager error messages  
               codes, messages, and potential solutions  
header information for email, viewing in Outlook/Outlook Express  
hexadecimal numbers (DWORD values as)  
hibernation file, defragmenting  
hibernation, NetBEUI protocol and  
hidden and ghosted devices   [See hardware]
hidden fields in Word, security risks of  
Hidden File Detector utility  
hives, Registry  
       HKEY_CURRENT_USER   2nd  
       HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE   2nd  
Hollywood DV-Bridge  
home networks   [See also networking; residential gateways]
       router, resetting to repair TCP/IP connection  
       wireless, setting up  
host computer   [See hosts ]
hosting web site with IIS  
       caching, improving performance with  
       installing IIS  
       MMC snap-in for site administration  
       redirecting incoming incorrect URLs  
       redirecting your site to a URL  
       mapping to dynamic IP address  
       resolution to IP addresses  
               with ping  
       Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol   [See DHCP]
       network name of  
       pinging to diagnose connection problems  
        user permissions  
HOSTS file  
       comments, adding  
       incorrect or outdated listings  
       updating to prevent loss of access to sites  
       email addresses, writing in HTML characters  
       special characters, online listing of  
       turning off display in emails to prevent spam attacks  
hubs/routers for home networks   [See residential gateways]
hung programs, changing time for XP reporting  

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